New Hextech PROJECT-chests are available

1. August 2016

Finally the new Hextech-crafting chests are available at the live server. This brand new chests allow you to craft PROJECT-icons and PROJECT-Skins with Hextech-components. You can get the new chests in the Store for RP and some chests are also available for IP Points.

Augmented Chests

As you can see in the images above you can craft the new augmented chests, but you are also able to buy them in store. Unfortunately you won't be able to by these chests for IP. The reason why you can't by them for IP is pretty simple because you will get a skin shard out of this box for sure. In addition you will get another random component. This can be a second skin, a champion shard, a ward icon shard and so on Like a normal chest. When you are lucky you can get some augmented-chest fragments too and sometimes you can get gemstones. It's pretty obvious that they are releasing augmented-chest bundles too.

red chest opening

Project & Disruption Cache

The new PROJECT- and Disruption-chests can be bougth for RP or IP in the store. The chests have 4 different colors (blue, green, red, golden) and can only be purchased once per summoner. You will get special crafting components from each chest and in combination with the new "project cores" (this are the red cylinders) you are able to get them permanent.

  • EM Caster Icon / PROJECT: Ashe Cache (blue chest)
    This chest includes the "Ashe first strike" icon, one PROJECT-core and one Augment-cache fragment. You will need 7 PROJECT-cores to finish the crafting and to unlock this summoner icon.
  • Decrypter Icon / PROJECT: Ekko Cache (green chest)
    When you open this chest you will get the "Ekko first strike" icon, one PROJECT-core and one Augment-cache fragment. You need the same components like before to unlock this Icon.
  • Hyper Edge Icon / PROJECT: Katarina Cache (red chest)
    This chest includes the "Katarina first strike" icon, one PROJECT-core and one Augment-cache fragment. To unlock this icon the exact same materials are required, like for the two icons above.
  • DISRUPTION Icon / Disruption Cache (golden chest)
    This special golden chest contains a blueprint from one of the old PROJECT-skins (Fiora, Leona, Lucian, Yasuo, Yi or Zed). The new PROJECT-skins (Ashe, Ekko oder Katarina) won't be unlocked with this chest. In addition you will get 7 PROJECT-cores and 2 augmented-chest fragments. To unlock the skin you have to craft it in a first step with 11 PROJECT-cores. After this you get the skin shard to your hextex loot and can unlock it permanent with yellow essences.
  • Project Core (red cylinder)
    Project cores are a special component wich is required for crafting. You can gain such core-components by opening Project chests. Unfortunately you won't get enough materials from one chest alone. Therefore it's necessary to open multiple chests to craft one single Project-Icon or Project-Skin.

blue project chest lol

How does the new crafting work?

In our tests we got the PROJECT-Fiora skin as a blueprint. To get this blueprint we had to open te disruption cache.

Project fiora skin shard blueprint

In the next image you can see the crafting overview. The color is always changing to the selected object automatically. If you are crafting the "Ashe icon", then the color of the circle will change to blue. As you can see you also need the correct amount of PROJECT-cores (11 for PROJECT-skins) in addition to the blueprint of the skin.

craft project fiora

After the crafting process you can add the PROJECT-Skin to your personal hextech loot.

got project fiora