Some hints against the Doom Bots

21. October 2016

The Doom-Bots are available soon and stronger than the last time. Especially when you try the hardest difficulty level #100. Read our hints against the Doom-Bots to survive them and kill Teemo in the end.

Tipps and Tricks against the Doom Bots

  • Play long range attack damage carries like Caitlyn, Tristana, Jinx, Twitch, etc.. You can outrange the bots and do more damage to them.
  • After the bots have destroyed the first tower on a lane they are rotating to the next lane. Rotate with them and try to defeat the remaining lanes as good as possible.
  • Keep in mind against which champions you are playing because they all have different kinds of special abilities.
  • You can use Smite on devil teemo. If you can manage to survive the first 15 minutes you may have an easy game afterwards with smite on each summoner.
  • If you manage to push out a lane to the enemies tower and hit this tower you will get instant HP and Mana restored.
  • Enemy turrets are immune to damage, so you can't destroy them.
  • Try to defend the middle lane as long as possible to have more time to defeat devil teemo.
  • You may consider play Galio and build full Magic-resist. Then you can tank nearly all damage coming from the doom-bots.
  • But the really best pick against the Doom-Bots is Ziggs!