The Doom Bots are back

12. October 2016

Two years ago the Doom Bots got introduced by Riot as a new fun gamemode. It was a fantastic feeling to play against them, because they had completely overpowered abilities and it was pretty hard to defeat them. After years of begging on reddit to bring back Doom-Bots, they will arrive the live servers soon.


Doom Heimer

When you have managed to survive somehow the first 15 minutes, then devil teemo will appear on the midlane. He has a huge amount of HP and does an insane amount of damage. If you are focused by him, then you will die after 3-4 hits from his attacks. In addition he spawns giant shrooms in front of him which will kill you if you are in the explosion radius.
Your mission is to defeat the devil teemo. If you do so, then you have won the game.

Doom Teemo