Welcome to my homepage My name is Stefan and I am the developer of this webpage. I started playing League of Legends in April 2012 in the region euw. In the beginning there wasn't such a huge fanbase like today and only some few statistic websites were online. I really wanted to write my own League of Legends fan homepage, but unfortunately there was no official API out either. Some years later in 2015 I was searching again for such an official API to get the game data, and this is when I started this homepage.


Welcome to the 'About' page of Here you will get some insights how this website has developed over the time. Maybe this will help other developers to measure the effort they have to invest, to build such a site. It's not that easy to build such a site, as you may think in the first moment.

The beginning

In April of 2015 I had the idea to build my own League of Legends statistics homepage. I was tired of all the other websites with useless statistics and bad handling on mobile devices. This is why I started my own website. In the beginning I was searching for a way to get some ingame statistics and found the official Riot Games API. This API is accessible via REST and provides all kind of information about the game and all the players.

I registered myself by a free hosting provider and implemented the first API requests with PHP. The gathered data was stored in the included mySQL database. In this early stage I was able to request the summoner id from the database and get his league information. But there was one problem, noone wants to type in without www in the beginng to get to my site. Therefore I registered as my domainname. In addition I rent a small virtual server to have more control over the website and the webserver software.

Reaching the server limits the first time

At the beginning of 2016 I realized that the previous rent server has not enough power to run the website and all its data properly. After this 6 months the website has reached around 1.000 sessions each month (~ 10.000 pageviews) and the google-crawler is crawling around 1.000 to 2.000 pages each day. This lead to the fact that the RAM was always full because of the mySQL database server which resulted in HDD caching and a really poor loading performance. I have searched through multiple webhoster sites and found a huge server with 4 cores, 4GB of RAM and 200GB of HDD storage for 15$ per month. This server has become my new mySQL server and the performance of the website was fast again.

Introduce the website on reddit

I implemented more and more features and in April 2016 I thought that it is time to introduce the website to the reddit community. The reddit hug wasn't that huge, because it only generated 90 unique users on that day. Maybe I have chosen the wrong time to write the post (10 AM - GMT, 5 AM in US). Mainly because I was too afraid of a denial of service from reddit.

Reaching the server limits the second time

The 'Probuild' feature was the last finished feature after my post on reddit and all requested games got stored completely in my database. I didn't know at this point that to store all that data was a huge mistake. After some weeks the website become slower and slower and the loading times increased to around 30 seconds and more for each page request. I tried to figure out the problem and detected problems with the SQL server once again. All the stored matches have filled the database with multiple gigabytes and hundred-thousands of data-rows. This lead to the fact that all 4 cores of the recently rent server had a load of nearly 100%. I realized that this issue can only be solved with a different programming strategy and the page needs a serious rework. In the previous development stage (pre 2017) I estimated the workload of the whole website wrong which lead to this problem. As a result I have to redesign the complete website because this more cost efficient than trying to fix the old one. To keep the site working on a acceptable rate I increased the mySQL RAM and I am truncating the database tables once every two weeks, until the new site is finished.
When you are reading this, then you are already visiting the new webpage. If you want to take a look at the old one, then try out the wayback-machine online at:*/

Getting some income

In Q4 I decided to try to get some advertising to this webpage because expenses were increasing steadily. Unfortunately it is very hard to find any advertisers at all. Most of them are not accepting League of Legends sites for their ad-networks and refuse your request. After some time I have found and which accepted this site for their ad-network. I know that Pop-unders are very nasty, but unfortunately this is the only way to finance this website.

Usage trend

In the following chart you will see the usage statistic of this website.
If you are interessted into the latest data then visit Similarweb for where we have shared our Google-Analytics officially.
Some interesting dates:

  • 04.2015 • Beginning of
  • 12.2015 • Most features got implemented
  • 02.2016 • Rented a stronger server
  • 04.2016 • Introduction at reddit
  • 07.2016 • Reached the server limits again
  • 11.2016 • Added advertisement
  • 12.2016 • Programming of new design started
  • 06.2017 • Shut down expensive server (loss in Google Rank)
  • 07.2017 • Problems with advertisement companies
  • 10.2017 • Shut down beginning (first) server

Financing of this website

If you want to run such a website you will have to rent a server from a hostring company. Maybe you can run the website for the first months on a free webhoster, but you will meet their hosting limits soon as your traffic increases. In the following chart you can see all the expenses which have been made to run this website. Please keep in mind that the shown expenses only cover the server and domain costs. Expenses for programming services are not included.

All values in the following chart are cummulated, rounded and in US $.


After this you may learned that the effort to build such a site is huge. You will have running costs without an income for the first months and you won't find any advertising networks in the beginning. In addition it will take several months to have a small amount of visitors. If you are willing to build such a site too, then declare it as a spare-time project of yours. And don't forget to have some fun while you are programming your homepage.

Contribute ?

Do you want to contribute to this website? Just go to the contact page and drop me a line.
Don't forget to include your email address.
Advertistement is a webpage which provides gaming information for the Free-to-play-MOBA League of Legends (LoL).
The shown data is provided from the League of Legends official API, which can be accessed with this link - Riot Games API.
The League of Legends specific images are gathered from the Static Data API which is also provided by Riot Games.

The aim of this webpage is to visualize the relevant League of Legends information in a compact form. Moreover this page should help each player to have a better game experience, get helpful gametips for good teamconstellation, information about the actual meta and other useful information about the enemy players in a live game search. isn't endorsed by Riot Games and doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing League of Legends. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc.

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