The new championselection, comming with season 6

13. January 2016

With the new season 6 the old Solo-Q is gone and Riot is releasing a hopefully new matchmaking system. This system enables each player to get one out of two predefined roles and should make trolling harder...

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Feature - Live Game Analysis

The live game analysis helps you to get an overview about your teammates and the enemy players. It shows you the average champion statistics from every player and what runes he has taken to the battleground. This allowes you to adapt your playstyle accordingly to come off as the winner.

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Feature - Ultimate Bravery

Ultimate Bravery is a well known fun and sometimes troll gamemode. It determines a random champion from the champion pool and assignes 6 different items to it. The challenge is to still win the game with the completely random build, masteries and summoner-spells.

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