Mid-season Jungle changes, Patch 6.9

22. April 2016

Hopefully you have heard about the Mid-season changes for the current season. And most likely you are reading about the new champion reworks/updates and the AP-item changes. But in the following article we will focus on the key factors to win a game - Objectives!

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Mid-season Rift Herald Buff

What can you expect from the Hextech Chest System

5. April 2016

Riot has finally released the Hextech Feature at the Live Server with the latest patch. We have analyzed this feature and created some statistics to show the expected rewards...

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Hextech Annie Gem Crafting

The new season 2016 has begun

20. January 2016

The new season 2016 has begun and the previous achieved results got a reset. Moreover Riot has released some new features like the new Dynamic-Q.

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New Season 2016

Most played champions

28.81 %

25.72 %

25.08 %

Feature - Live Game Analysis

The live game analysis helps you to get an overview about your teammates and the enemy players. It shows you the average champion statistics from every player and what runes he has taken to the battleground. This allowes you to adapt your playstyle accordingly to come off as the winner.

feature live game

Feature - Ultimate Bravery

Ultimate Bravery is a well known fun and sometimes troll gamemode. It determines a random champion from the champion pool and assignes 6 different items to it. The challenge is to still win the game with the completely random build, masteries and summoner-spells.

new ladder feature

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