Homepage Update 2k17

17. January 2017

Dear summoners,
We are currently updating this website to our new design. This process may take several weeks and will be done continiously.
While we are updating this website you can still use every page without problems.
We ensure that the new site will operate faster than the old website and we are improving the design for mobile devices.
Some pages like "Ultimate-Bravery" are already updated to the new design. Feel free to explore it.

Some hints against the Doom Bots

21. October 2016

The Doom-Bots are available soon and stronger than the last time. Especially when you try the hardest difficulty level #100. Read our hints against the Doom-Bots to survive them and kill Teemo in the end.

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The Doom Bots are back

12. October 2016

Two years ago the Doom Bots got introduced by Riot as a new fun gamemode. It was a fantastic feeling to play against them, because they had completely overpowered abilities and it was pretty hard to defeat them. After years of begging on reddit to bring back Doom-Bots, they will arrive the live servers soon.

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Feature - Live Game Analysis

The live game analysis helps you to get an overview about your teammates and the enemy players. It shows you the average champion statistics from every player and what runes he has taken to the battleground. This allowes you to adapt your playstyle accordingly to come off as the winner.

feature live game

Feature - Ultimate Bravery

Ultimate Bravery is a well known fun and sometimes troll gamemode. It determines a random champion from the champion pool and assignes 6 different items to it. The challenge is to still win the game with the completely random build, masteries and summoner-spells.

new ladder feature

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Follow the link below to see an overview of all big features.

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